Asia Pacific countries shuttle way logistics with one package services

Mainly running export shipping from China to Asia Pacific countries while import shipping cargo from all over the world countries, our service covers door to door sea shipping, door to door air freight, cross boundary land truck logistics and railway transport from China to West Asia countries…et cetera. 

  Regional sea freight provider runs as a reliable forwarder offers steadily shuttle liner agent from China to Asia Pacific countries while runs import shipping service to China from them.

  The NOVCC none vessel operating common carrier license issued by China Transportation bureau to DJcargo global freight service, to its ability of running organization for shipments for varieties corporations and individuals to get goods from China manufacturer or producer to a market, customer and final of distribution. DJcargo forwarder contract with franchised carrier WHL, OOCL, APL, NYK, MCC, MSC EVERGREEN…et cetera. 

  DJcargo offers air freight services from China to Asia Pacific countries, or vice versa ,From Asia Pacific countries to China importing air freight. the air cargo transmission delay is up to 7 days, which is faster than the usual 35/40 days by sea freight.

  DJcargo’s network of well-known professional partners allows us to manage your shipment minutely and in the best delays. The Air freight is feasible for all kind of products, from the most fragile to the heaviest. The Air regulations are very strict, that’s why we put all our attention to examine perfectly your requests. After this precise analyses of your demand, our teams will insure you a freight service matching absolutely with your expectation, your needs and the nature of your goods.

DJcargo has a long prestigiously in providing professional courier express services between China and Asia Pacific countries. Operating from our offices in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, apart from the traditional air freight, sea freight and multi-modal freight forwarding services, we also provide swift and efficient fast shipping services for cargo weighing less than 100kgs, inclusive of small boxes, bags, cartons, metal cases and suitcases. Our delivery services are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients and deliveries can be commissioned under short notice. For small and medium sized businesses, we have designed attractive packages offered at competitive rates.

Through Express Shipment, clients are assigned a dedicated professional from our team to manage all details related to their cargo. effective flow in communications. As an added feature, we offer a highly effective tracking system that enables our clients to monitor the progress of their cargo in real-time.

To ensure just in time delivery to any country in Asia Pacific countries, we have established close working relationships with major freight carriers – China airlines, Etihad, Emirates, TNT, DHL and Fedex. We have developed an extensive network of export agents, all committed to provide excellent and professional services to ensure your cargo successfully get through the customs with minimal delay.

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